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One good waylaying deserves another

The party rests after their bloody conflict with the goblin ambushers on the Malsus Road. While they rest, a restless Lucian finds evidence of numerous humanoid footprints heading towards their position from deeper in the woods. He brings this to the attention of the party and, after the usual discussion of the ranger’s trustworthiness, set off to see where the tracks come from.

The makers of the tracks, while moving as a group, were neither disciplined or discreet, and the sharp-eyed Lucian had no problem following their trail to its source. As he scouted ahead he came upon a clearing where goblins had made a campsite. Several still remained and were currently seeming to be berated by a larger goblin carrying a crackling shortsword. Lucian headed back and reported his findings and, after the usual discussion of the ranger’s trustworthiness, the group formulated a plan, spearheaded by the warlord Avonar.

The plan seemed simple. The group would break into 3 groups, surrounding the goblins and creating a deadly crossfire from which the greenskins could not escape. However, not all went according to plan.

The time it took the more heavily armored party members to work their way through the last yards of the forest before the clearing was underestimated, and Lucian, thirsting for blood and glory, fired his arrows into the leader’s chest. The goblin howled, looked the ranger in the eye, and charged. The battle was joined.

The conflict was long and hard, and several of the party members teetered over death’s threshold. Lucian in particular made a mad dash for his life, peppering the enraged goblin boss with arrows and the greenskin chased him and tore the ranger’s flesh with his wicked blade. When the battle was finished, however, the party was victorious. They looted the bodies and the dragonborn warrior Balasar took the goblin chief’s shortsword as his prize. The party drug the goblin back from his slip into the darkness of death to interrogate him about The Goblin King.

The warlock Rolen was the only one who spoke any goblin, so he took up the task of interrogating the goblin and relaying the information he found. After this was done, the took the goblin and make him a deal: lead them from Fordaren Pass safely and they would spare his life.

The party went on the move again, determined to move out of Fodaren Pass and towards the City of Mirdir. They walked for the rest of the night and through the next day. The time was uneventful, with the minor exceptions of the goblin, in appearing to keep his part of the deal, looking about at ambush points known to him to determine if more trouble was on the way. None was found, and the party eventually emerged from the forest and onto the plains. Bloodied and weary, they made camp, happy to finally be free of the forest where they had left their dead companions (and perhaps a piece of themselves).

The night was not uneventful. Toregal the warlord while taking his turn at watch, saw a sky darkening swarm of bats moving from north to south. Sariel later heard a sound in the distance. She recruited Avonar, Theren Pelonson, and Lucian to investigate. The other party members slept or made idle chatter. The four came back some time later, unharmed but silent as to what they found.


Nice log and recap. Now if we can get everyone to read it before Saturday we can start the new day sooner.

Back to the Ambusher's Camp
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