The Road to Mirdir

The path to Mirdir is paved with ill intentions...

As the party emerged from east side of the Fordaren Forest, they looked to the east down the Malsus Road and toward their final destination of the city of Mirdir. They knew a weeks long journey lay ahead of them, and that the way was fraught with the dangers of not only The Goblin King’s forces, but also the conflict between Mirdir and its rival city, Kantras. Wary but undaunted, the party began their journey.

Many long and uneventful hours passed in their trek, as it common with long overland journeys. However, a few interesting events did occur during their travels:

Navigating the Fork

The tense standoff between Mirdir and Kantras provided the party’s first real taste of danger since they had emerged from the forest. Archers stood ready on the walls of both keeps to pepper any percieved enemies.

Suprisingly, the party was able to pass through the guantlet without provoking either side and continue their way to Mirdir. Their only interaction with either group of soldiers was an admoishment by a Mirdir soldier to be on the lookout for The Goblin King forces.

Fire in the Night

The night after passing the fork, Sariel looked back towards the keep to see some of it’s customary signal fires wavering in a peculiar way. One light went out before the night was over. The party did not turn around to investigate, but assumed there must have been some kind of attack on the fortress.

Ambush by Kantras Forces

The next day, the party found themselves passing through farmland, with nearly ready to harvest wheat standing tall on each side of the road. Approximately midday, Lucian noticed a rustling in the wheat in front of them. Before the usual discussion of the ranger’s trustworthiness could be had, arrows were fired and the battle was joined.

A group of Kantras raiders, bent on waylwaying travelers on the road to Mirdir, attacked the party. The several members of the party sustained heavy damage, but between the resolve of the party and their desire for survival they prevailed. After taking valuables they found on the raiders, the pushed forward towards Mirdir.

Close Encounter of the Dragonkind

The last night on the road, a squabble ensued over the order of watches, and this led to the party being left completely unguarded in the late parts of the night. Their sleep was disrupted by the sounds of flame. A dragon flew above them, strafing the wheat fields around them and setting them alight. Not wishing to draw the dragon’s ire, the party ran to the road and made haste towards Mirdir, forgoing the benefits of a good nights rest.

Arrival in Mirdir

After a long journey, the party finally reaches Mirdir. They find a city under siege! They are able to enter the city, but caravans are having a hard time getting to or leaving the city, This results in many goods coming on the ships from across the great lake and their good rotting on the docks.

The party is able to find an inn with rooms available called the Smiling Harpy. The rooms aren’t cheap but they are high quality. They lay down to their first night in a real bed since their adventures began.


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