Leader of party's bandit group


Kargeth was a worn, late-middle-aged man who was the leader of the bandit group that the party members were part of when the campaign began. He was a personable man, and was more interested in making money from his banditry than shedding blood. For the most part, he and his band concentrated on robbing caravans moving along the Malsus Road.

In rare occasions, his band also took on contracts to waylay particular travelers as they moved through the Fordaren Pass. One such contract, to kill twin brothers Alexander Zam and Alaric Zam, split the band and left them vunerable to the attack that destroyed their camp.

Kargeth died in the battle with kobolds that destroyed the bandit camp. While clinging to life he crawled into a small cave that housed the camp’s natural spring. This kept the kobolds from finding his body. The party discovered his body and (after taking items of value) buried it in the box canyon where their camp was located.

Kargeth carried a magical battle axe that he called The Old Lady, which the party took from his body when they buried him.

Kargeth spoke of his contact Mirgoth the Seer who acted as his informant and fence.


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