The Road to Mirdir
The path to Mirdir is paved with ill intentions...

As the party emerged from east side of the Fordaren Forest, they looked to the east down the Malsus Road and toward their final destination of the city of Mirdir. They knew a weeks long journey lay ahead of them, and that the way was fraught with the dangers of not only The Goblin King’s forces, but also the conflict between Mirdir and its rival city, Kantras. Wary but undaunted, the party began their journey.

Many long and uneventful hours passed in their trek, as it common with long overland journeys. However, a few interesting events did occur during their travels:

Back to the Ambusher's Camp
One good waylaying deserves another

The party rests after their bloody conflict with the goblin ambushers on the Malsus Road. While they rest, a restless Lucian finds evidence of numerous humanoid footprints heading towards their position from deeper in the woods. He brings this to the attention of the party and, after the usual discussion of the ranger’s trustworthiness, set off to see where the tracks come from.

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